The Self

Triptic 1:

These three self-portraits were taken by the artist using her camera phone, and serve to represent the artists' inner conflict. The first image is reflective of the beginning of a journey into a wide open city. The clouds represent the uncertainty and confusion felt when about to embark on an unclear path.
The second image is representational of the artists struggle to find her way in a chaotic city. She feels like she is going nowhere; however just behind her is the wide open city she has been dreaming of being a part of.
The third image in the triptic is representation of the artists' resolution with these conflicts. She can now face the world. She is exhausted from her journey which has led her to clarity and confidence.



Triptic 2:

This second set of self-portraits was also taken by the artist using her camera phone. They were taken in the window of the first subway car on a train. The window reflections serve to represent the artists' difficult journey to rise above the challenges she is faced with each day in a new environment. The first image is reflective of the long way she has to go in finding her way. There is a distance she feels between herself and the questions she needs answered. These answers pertain to the decisions she has to make each day, such as what career to pursue and how to manage her time while always seeming to be on the go.
The second image demonstrates how she is getting closer to knowing which way to go, what decisions to make, and how to juggle multiple tasks; however she still feels like she has demons surrounding her, and does not have the clarity and confidence she seeks.
In third image in she has risen above her challenges and cleared away any demons.  She has found confidence as she moves forward on the right track.


The Other Other – A “B-Boy”

Meet Carlos: a break-dancer from Columbia, South America. He relocated to New York City in the fall of 2014 to further his career as a break-dancer, and to start a new life in a country with more opportunity. His native language is Spanish. He is just beginning to learn to speak English. These images serve to reveal his passion for break-dancing by recording him practice and demonstrate his technique for new breakdancers. The photographer had only briefly met Carlos one time before the photographs were taken. Therefore, the images also serve as a visual record of the photographer and Carlos becoming acquainted with one another while overcoming challenging language barriers. The images are taken in various parts of New York City: at a break-dance circle in Penn Station subway, passing through Times Square, in Queens Bridge Park, and at a Columbian Restaurant. The photos were taken in late winter and early spring of 2015.


The Group - The Pool League

This group of billiard enthusiasts can be found every Tuesday night at Society Billiards in Manhatten, New York. They enjoy competing in one of the Pool Leagues who meet at the pool hall located on East 21st street. The series of photos serve to showcase the process of becoming aquatinted with the league members, while documenting the team's group dynamic, and ability to work together in seven images. It is also the photographer’s goal to show how in-tune each member is with the elements of the game itself.  When asking about the group’s dynamic, league member C-Marie Kelly states, “They are all like brothers to me.” The photographer strived to capture this camaraderie, while also composing a series of group portraits.