Bushwick is a part of Brooklyn NY that has undergone a wide series of changes since it was settled by the Dutch in the 17th century. Here are some of the most recent changes you can see in the area around DeKalb and Broadway, as well as what the people there have to say about it.

Only as far back as the 1990's Bushwick was know for it's high crime rate.

Slowly the neighborood begins to change. Artists start moving in. One of these artists, a photographer named Brenda Ann Kenneally met a young boy named Andy who she states "had a strong presence in the neighorhood" according to http://lens.blogs.nytimes.com

Brenda Ann Kenneally phtographs life in this section of Bushwick. She captures images of Andy's childhood which reveal the way drugs and crime plague the neighborhood 90's. This is Andy in the center.

Courtesty of Brenda Ann Kenneally Money Power Respect.


By 2000 as projects to lower crime start to take hold, more artists move in, and the neighborhood starts to look different.

Dodworth and Broadway. What is now The Lone Wolf, a popular hipster bar. I met Andy for the first time on this corner. He told me this used to be a grocery store. I formally interviewed him a couple months later. He lent me this photo he took in the late 90's and said, "They were trying to make this a spot for kids. Volunteers painted the wall, read books to kids, and did art activitees and stuff here."


Dodworth Street near Broadway: August and December 2014